Looking forward to Berlin Buzzwords

Posted Thursday, May 13th at 9:14a.m. under Work, Scalability, Conferences

Just a quick post to point out that a really exciting high-scalability conference is coming to Berlin in June. Berlin Buzzwords is due to take place on June 7th and 8th and features a variety of talks focusing on free open source software solutions to scalability problems.

It is particularly interesting for me because for the last few months I've been experiencing first hand just how many open source technologies have stepped up to the plate in the last few years to make the task of creating distributed and scalable systems accessible, even to mere mortals like myself. 

Some of the technologies that will be covered are:

1) Apache Hadoop - an open source version of Google's MapReduce technology, there is almost an entire day of talks dedicated to showcasing the kind of problems Hadoop is a perfect fit for. 

2) Apache Lucene and Solr - Lucene and Solr are open source search engines built for enterprise-level performance. Solr in particular gives you a whole bunch of distribution and scalability features out of the box and also lets you play with Lucene without needing to get your hands dirty with Java. In the schedule there are talks on doing geosearch and how Lucene aims to make fuzzy searching scalable in the future.

3) NoSQL technologies - there are talks on a variety of key-value stores such as Apache Cassandra, CouchDB and MongoDB and how to use these technologies for real problems rather than to simply drink the kool-aid.

The full schedule is online, so if you're in the Berlin area or are just interested in building scalable systems, check out the Berlin Buzzwords ticket page. I will be attending the conference with some of my colleagues at Nokia so if you're coming through for the conference and fancy having a coffee or beer, feel free to drop me a message at david<at>dmclaughlin.com or just send me a message on twitter.

Posted by David McLaughlin on Thursday, May 13th

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Clinton Gormley

Friday, May 14th

Also take a look at http://www.elasticsearch.com - it's a cluster ready, distributed-out-of-the-box, full text search engine, based on Lucene. It has a JSON API via REST.

I know the developer (Shay Bannon) is going to be at Berlin Buzzwords, not sure if he is talking or not


David McLaughlin

Friday, May 14th


Thanks for the heads up. Shay Bannon is doing a talk on Elastic Search so I'll make sure to attend. I'm especially looking forward to seeing how performance and functionality compares with Solr.